Jelly Bread


“It sounded like I was walking through a multi-stage music festival, stopping at each stage to catch a tune”. – Music Marauders

“The five-piece Jelly Bread—just like its name connotes—crafts music with a sound that’s altogether sweet and sticky”. – Sacramento News & Review

“It used to be easy to peg the group as a funk band—but the band’s sound has evolved recently to include more gospel and Southern rock sounds…The sound is accessible but eclectic, and the musicianship is top-tier”.– Reno News & Review

“Jelly Bread became a potential breakout band a few years ago with the addition of keyboardist and talk-box singer Eric Matlock, followed by gaining bass player Jeremy Hunt. Now, with the recent acquisition of guitarist Sean Lehe, it has become undeniably superb”. – Tahoe Onstage

“Jelly Bread mixes sultry R&B grooves with hard funk and swinging rock ’n’ roll, all the better to encourage concert goers to shake their tail feathers. The variety is enhanced by the band’s two lead vocalists — guitarist Dave Berry and drummer Cliff Porter — who can and do cover everything from soul freakouts to tender ballads”. –  The Bend Bulletin

“Jelly Bread is just as its name portends: music that hits the spot…when it hits, there is no hiding the contented smile”.  –  Jackson Hole News&Guide

“Deep-pocket drumming, wah-wah-laden guitar and syrupy organ are the bedrock for this condensed dance party”. – Missoula Independent

“Reno’s Jelly Bread slathers up the toast with heaping spoonfuls of sweet vintage Apollo funk and soul without being afraid to get their fingers good and sticky.” – The Sacramento Bee

“The band’s hefty combo of deep-groove funk and grizzled roots-rock is tailor made for an evening in the club spent dancing and swaying the night away.” – The Bend Bulletin

“Jelly Bread continues to elevate and refine their sound, while maintaining a relentless touring schedule peppered with major festival dates along the way”. – Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine

“Listening to these smoothly grooving tracks on the new EP and having had the chance to catch the band’s dance-inducing set, it’s clear that Jelly Bread is a band to follow.” – Moonshine Ink

“Jelly Bread is fresh and it doesn’t fit in a box.” – Tahoe Onstage

“Here, There, & Everywhere” Album Reviews

Here, There, and Everywhere is the band’s most accomplished work to date, both in terms of creativity and its keen avoidance of your typical jam band trimmings. The combination of Porter and Berry on vocals adds a nice flair of gospel-soul and southern-fried rock n’ roll, this record is a fine example of the overly familiar made fresh. It’s a true standout record that has energy, heart and soul”.  – Sound & Silence

“If a college radio station needed to “set it and forget it” for a while, this album could conceivably fool listeners that it was a radio show set-list featuring several bands. At the end of the day, this album sounded like it was sent from the past, collecting influences along the way from Here, There, and Everywhere”. – Music Marauders

“The vibrance and nuance of their sound take you from tent revival to the Bayou; from the high desert to Muscle Shoals and from exuberance to introspection in the space of eleven stellar songs that really defy easy categorization”.   – Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine

“With the release of “Here, There, & Everywhere,” the quintet once again shows off its shape-shifting musical stylings”.  – Tahoe Onstage

“The group mixes tight soul grooves with swampy lap steel guitar lines, funky vintage keyboard and organ sounds, upbeat horn charts, and jammy guitar solos”.– Reno News & Review